History and Mission of BCCC

BCCC was started in the summer of 2013 by a group of pastors and church leaders in Boundary County Idaho. Accordingly, BCCC is an unapologetic, Bible-based Christian ministry that works with the support of the local Church.

The purpose of BCCC is to provide support and encouragement to first responders and their families here in Boundary County, both on scene and afterwards. The focus is upon the spiritual and emotional needs of first responders, as well as to victims in times of crisis. On a crime or fire scene especially, chaplains can aid officers and firefighters by attending to victims so that the officers and firefighters can accomplish their duties with a minimum of distraction. Our first priority as an organization, however, is to the first responders themselves as they deal with the stresses and challenges of their jobs.

BCCC chaplains will be on call to be dispatched as needed. We are available to assist not only on scene with immediate crisis situations, but also with death notifications, Critical Incident Stress Management, marriage and family counseling, and general assistance to help officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders and their families thrive in their work and relationships.

A chaplain is much like an ER doctor: we perform a sort of spiritual and emotional “triage” on people in crisis, assessing their immediate needs and helping to get them stable and connected to the resources that will aid them in long term recovery. We don’t take the place of pastors or other spiritual leaders that a person may have (we’re not the “family doctor” or “specialist”, to follow the medical analogy). But we can play an important role in maintaining the functional integrity of the various emergency services agencies we serve.

Knowing those agencies well is critical, and so our chaplains are required to do ride-alongs with law enforcement, spend time in the fire stations and with EMS personnel, get to know the folks in dispatch, and participate in the Local Emergency Preparedness Committee. The more that we know the people in these agencies, the more that we will be able to understand their needs and how to strive properly to meet those needs within the scope of our ministry. Some of our chaplains may even join an agency to strive to accomplish that goal.

BCCC is striving to provide chaplains that are trained and certified according to national standards. All of our chaplains are volunteers; we are in process of incorporating as a non-profit organization in the State of Idaho. This web site, and our Facebook presence, are offered in order to connect first responder families with resources and mutual encouragement, along with general information to keep the public up-to-date on the purposes and activities of the Corps. Our office is located on the premises of Providence Bible Presbyterian Church in Bonners Ferry, and we can be reached for more information at the church phone number, 208-267-3327.