Chaplaincy Comes to Boundary County 2

For the first time in anyone’s memory, Boundary County Emergency Services agencies now have chaplaincy as a resource to aid them in their public service. Boundary County Chaplain Corps has been established to provide spiritual, emotional, and practical assistance to first responders and their families when in crisis, as well as to victims and their families when facing grief or loss in the early stages of a traumatic incident. Trained and experienced Christian chaplains are available 24/7, whenever first responders need us. Our web site will be a place for connecting with us, finding resources for help in crisis, training and event announcements, and encouragement. Pray for us as we serve the emergency services community in Boundary County.

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2 thoughts on “Chaplaincy Comes to Boundary County

  • Ken McNaughton

    Chaplain Len,

    I just found your contact info and wanted to pass along some information regarding an upcoming class I am hosting through the Federation of Fire Chaplains. The class is “Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy.” If you, or any of your volunteers would like to enhance their knowledge and skills in fire chaplaincy, please consider sending them to this class, May 8-9, here in Spokane Valley. I have attached the link for the class below. We have the cost for the class reduced, and it incudes a copy of the FFC Chaplains Manual for each student.

    Also, we have created a facebook page for all public safety chaplains in Eastern Washington / North Idaho. It is called, Inland Northwest Network of Chaplains. We did this so we could have a place to exchange ideas, prayer needs, training info, and encouragement. Please consider joining us in the INNC, and attending the Chaplaincy class next month.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions at 509-553-9135.

    Serving the REAL Chief,

    Ken McNaughton, Chaplain
    Spokane Valley Fire Department

    • Post author

      Thanks, Ken. I did pass along the info about the class to my people and a few others. All of us here in Boundary County have gone, or will go through, the Police and Fire Chaplain Academy in Burien, but your course would be a good refresher. We’ll be watching for future offerings (most of us have finished the Academy within the last couple of years). I’ll also pass along the Facebook link to everyone for their use. I really appreciate you reaching out to us! We’re working hard to revitalize and refocus the Idaho Chaplains Corps at the moment, and I’ll also be sure to send this out to all the chapters. Most of the other chapters haven’t done any advanced training at all, as they have historically been zeroed in on jail ministry. Our Boundary chapter has introduced the idea of serving first responders, and a shift has begun in our other areas. So your classes down there will be an aid to that end. Not everyone will want to go through the whole Academy, which is fine, but they ought to have some training in the basics. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

      Len Pine
      President and Chaplain
      Boundary County Chaplain Corps